Mediterranean Oceanic Data Base, GeoHydrodynamics and Environmental Research, University of Liege

Data Center Description
The main objective of the Mediterranean Oceanic Data Base (MODB) is to deliver
advanced data products for oceanographic research in the Mediterranean Sea.
Software products for data analysis and visualization are also prepared for
distribution within the scientific community.

All MODB products (data and softwares) are freely distributed to the scientific
community at the following conditions :

-The products should be used for scientific purposes only.

-Articles, papers, or written scientific works of any form, based in whole or
in part on data supplied by MODB, will contain a suitable acknowledgement to
the MODB project and the MAST programme of the European Union.

-The applications of the MODB products are on the full responsibility of the
data users; neither the Commission of the European Communities nor the MODB
partners shall be held responsible for any consequence resulting from the use
of MODB products.

-The recipient of these data will accept responsibility of informing all
data users of these conditions.

[Summary provided by the University of Liege.]


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