Ground Water Institute, University of Memphis

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The mission of the University of Memphis Ground Water Institute (GWI) is to
conduct research, perform service, and develop education programs to ensure
that the water consumed by the general public in 2050 is as plentiful and high
quality as it is today.

The GWI is an organization of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and
non-academicians dedicated to becoming a locus of expertise in ground water
management in Memphis at The University of Memphis. As an organization within
the Herff College of Engineering, the GWI is a college-wide function whose
director reports directly to the Dean of the College. The locus of expertise
includes faculty, computer facilities and a GIS-managed database.

All of the non-academic functions of the Institute are reviewed by a
non-university group, the Planning and Advisory Committee, which is composed of
representatives of the funding entities. In addition, a Technical Advisory
Committee has been formed which provides technical oversight and advice to the


[Summary provided by the University of Memphis.]

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