Institute of Ecology and Conservation Biology, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Vienna

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The Institute of Ecology and Conservation Biology (IECB) conducts research on
the different levels from aut-ecology to system-ecology, from a molecular level
to a landscape-orientated approach. It ranges from an understanding of

- the interactions of organisms with their physical environment (the adaptive
nature of organisms by the study of ?ecophysiology? both at the individual and
population level),

-the nature of biotic interactions,

-to the more holistic aspects of functioning of ecosystems ? the recycling
of matter and the flow of energy, the stability and resilience of ecosystems
towards perturbations, both in context of landscape structure and within a
global context .

Founded on its basic research, the IECB addresses a series of applied aspects,
mainly stress physiology, the flux of matter and the management of ecosystems
and landscapes. In accordance with a broader definition of ecology, a further
focus in teaching and research includes ?human ecology?, mainly with respect to
sustainability research.


[Summary provided by the University of Vienna.]

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