Soil, Water and Environmental Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Arizona

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The mission of the Arizona Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science
is to support training, research, service, and extension/outreach in the broad
area of soil, water and environmental science. The faculty and staff are
dedicated to establishing and maintaining excellence in all of these

-The goal of our education and training program is to produce graduates
that have the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to addressing issues
associated with human interactions with the environment (e.g., agriculture,
water use, waste management). The program is designed to integrate theory with
practical applications, and to synthesize cutting-edge research with basic

-The goals of our research activities are to produce new knowledge in the
relevant fields of study and to develop a better understanding of human
interactions with the environment.

-The goal of our service and extension/outreach activities is to provide
support and information in relevant areas to the citizens of the state of
Arizona, and to other interested parties (government agencies, industry, other


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