Space Physics Research Group, Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley

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The University of California at Berkeley, just above the Lawrence Hall of
Science and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, the Silver Space Sciences
Laboratory was built by NASA in 1966 to conduct basic space research in a
variety of fields. The Berkeley Space Physics Research Group (SPRG) occupies
the third floor and currently has 3 physics department professors, 17 research
fellows, 11 graduate students, and approximately 43 engineers and technicians
engaged in ongoing experimental space physics projects.

SPRG conducts experimental research in space plasma physics on a variety of
different spacecraft covering the earth's magnetosphere, auroral zone, tail
region, the interplanetary solar wind, and in the near-space environments of
other planets. Our emphasis is generally on the detailed, high time and spatial
resolution measurements of the microphysics that governs the behavior of the
larger scale processes occurring in these planetary, interplanetary, and
presumably most other astrophysical plasmas. To accomplish this aim we
conceive, design, and build state-of-the-art plasma particle detectors and
electric field sensors to make in situ measurements of fields and particle
distributions in various space plasmas. From these measurements we can study
particle acceleration, plasma waves, wave-particle interactions, currents,
various types of shocks and boundaries between different plasma environments,
and other phenomena of interest to both basic plasma physics and general space
physics. Instruments are flown on small NASA sounding rockets to study particle
acceleration and wave-particle interactions in the Earth's northern auroral
zone, while a multitude of satellite missions currently underway or in
construction carry our instruments to more distant space plasmas surrounding
the earth or in other regions of the solar system.


[Summary provided by the University of California, Berkeley.]

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