Department of Geography, University College London

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The University College London (UCL) Department of Geography is an established
international leader in geography research. Its goal is to undertake research
of the highest quality, strengthening the contribution of Geography to
interdisciplinary understanding in the environmental and social sciences. The
department is distinctive in the scale and diversity of its research, the
international scope of its expertise, the collaborative links it sustains in
the UK and abroad and the policy orientation of much of its research.

Six research groups form the primary basis for the department's research

-Cultural and Historical Geography Group

-Environmental Monitoring and Modelling Group
the group includes:
Coastal & Estuarine Research Unit (CERU)
Wetland Research Unit (WRU)

-Economic and Social Restructuring Group
the group includes:
Migration Research Unit (MRU)

-Environmental Change Research Centre
the group includes:
Environmental Scientific Services Ltd (ENSIS)

-Environmental and Society Research Unit
the group includes:
Thames Estuary Partnership (TEP)

-Geographical Information Science and Remote Sensing Network
the group includes:
Remote Sensing Unit (RSU)
Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA)


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