Earth Sciences Department, University of California, Santa Cruz

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The major research areas in Earth Sciences at UC Santa Cruz are briefly
described below. Additional research opportunities are available through the
UCSC IGPP (Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics) branch.

Tectonics and Landform Processes

- Active tectonics of the circum-Pacific subduction zones, such as Central
America, Asia and Papua-New Guinea (Coe, S. Schwartz, Silver)
-Marine tectonics and hydrogeology (Fisher, McNutt, Moore, Silver)
-Geomorphology, surface processes and glacial studies (Tulaczyk)
-Coastal processes (Griggs)
-Remote sensing (Silver)

Global Environmental Change

-Experimental and observational atmospheric chemistry (Chuang)
-Paleoclimatology, paleoceanography and modern climate change
(Chuang, Koch, Sloan, Tulaczyk, Zachos)
-Paleontology and paleoecology (Koch, H. Schwartz)

Geophysics and Planetary Physics

-Asteroid, comet and planetary impactor studies (Asphaug)
-Planetary dynamics and geodynamics (Glatzmaier)
-Seismology (Lay, S. Schwartz)
-Paleomagnetism and Earth's magnetic field (Coe, Glatzmaier)
-Experimental geophysics and mineral physics (Knittle, Williams)
-Marine geophysics (Fisher, McNutt, Moore, Silver)

Geochemistry and Geology

-Igneous petrology, geochemistry of island arcs (Gill)
-Structural geology, tectonic hydrogeology, marine geology (Moore)


[Summary provided by the University of California, Santa Cruz.]

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