Department of Geography, University of Edinburgh

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The University of Edinburgh is one of the leading research and teaching
institutions in the World. Excellence in these two activities is central to the
goals and ethos of Geography at Edinburgh. Geography has maintained a top
(5-star) rating in the recent research assessment exercise, indicating research
of the best international quality.

-Physical Geography Groups
Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis and Geomorphology
(focussing on landscape dating and evolution)
Environmental Modelling and Monitoring
(including Geographical Information Science and Remote Sensing)
Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction and Modelling
(focussing on geomorphology, palaeoecology and dating)

-Human Geography Groups
Geography and Public Policy
(embracing Social and Economic Geography)
The Cultural Politics of Identity
(embracing Cultural and Political Geography)


[Summary provided by the University of Edinburgh.]

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