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The UGA College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences administers a
Certificate in International Agriculture, the objective of which is to give our
students experiences and knowledge that will enhance their opportunities in the
global job market. In addition, the College's large number of foreign
students?80 undergraduates and 80 graduate students?lend an international
perspective to our activities and a long term linkage in their respective

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has the largest
international research program at the University of Georgia, with funding of
nearly $5 million a year. We have formal agreements with 27 colleges and
universities worldwide and alumni in more than 90 countries. Of our 260
teaching and research faculty, 106 participate in international work of some
kind. Their work takes many forms, but it almost always results in dividends to
the scientists, to the University, and to Georgia's farmers and consumers.

Even so, some people wonder why the College is involved in international
programs at all. The answer is simply that we can't afford not to be involved.
We no longer live in a world where we can take for granted America's
preeminence in technology, education and manufacturing. One trip to the produce
section of a favorite grocery store provides convincing evidence that many
countries have a great deal to offer us. Access to fundamentals such as seed
and germplasm for our important food and fiber crops, as well as emerging
technologies produced in other countries, are crucial to protecting our quality
of life here in America. To fully understand this, we must envision the world
around the year 2020.


[Summary provided by the University of Georgia.]

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