Department of Geography, Trent University

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Trent University aspires to be Canada's outstanding small university known
for its commitment to liberal undergraduate education in the humanities,
social sciences and natural sciences and to the centrality of the individual
student. Within a collegial setting the University offers undergraduate and
graduate programs, both traditional and inter-disciplinary, which seek to
advance learning through the creative interaction of teaching and research
of the highest quality.

The Department offers over 40 courses in both Human and Physical Geography
which service, on average, over 950 students per year. By its nature, Geography
stretches across many disciplinary boundaries and therefore many of our courses
are cross-listed with other undergraduate departments. The importance of the
field experience has always been a cornerstone of the philosophy of the
Department, and some 14 courses contain field laboratories and/or field trips
as part of the curriculum. In recent years we have added Geographical
Information Systems to the Geography curriculum, with some introductory
training at Sir Sandford Fleming College.