Department of Earth Sciences, University of Maine

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The Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Maine represents a broad
spectrum of geological and environmental disciplines. We cover the fields of
geodynamics and crustal studies; environmental geochemistry and hydrogeology;
glacial geology, glaciology, Quaternary geology, and climate modeling; and
marine geology and sedimentology.

The Department is housed in the new Bryand Global Sciences Center, which also
houses the Climate Change Institute (formerly Institute for Quaternary
Studies). The facilities include many state-of-the-art research instruments,
and we have a philosophy of linkage of research to undergraduate and graduate
education. The program is field oriented, sending students to locations such as
Antarctica, Ireland, Newfoundland, Mexico, and many localities in northern New

The extraordinary breadth of the Department is further enhanced by close links
to the Climate Change Institute and the School of Marine Sciences, and many
Earth Sciences faculty have joint appointments in these units.


[Summary provided by the University of Maine.]

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