School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan

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The School of Natural Resources and Environment's overarching objective is to
contribute to the protection of the earth's resources and the achievement of a
sustainable society. Through research, teaching, and outreach, SNRE's faculty,
staff, and students are devoted to generating knowledge and developing
policies, techniques and skills to help practitioners manage and conserve
natural and environmental resources to meet the full range of human needs on a
sustainable basis.

The current rate and scale of environmental change are unprecedented.
Responding to this, the School of Natural Resources and Environment has adopted
an ambitious, but essential, mission. We aim to train leaders, develop
policies, and teach the skills necessary to manage and conserve the earth's
resources on a sustainable basis. For over half a century, the School has been
a leader in natural resource and environmental research and education. The
tradition continues today and into the coming century.

The School of Natural Resources and Environment is poised to build on its
accomplishments through creative and collaborative efforts with individuals and
institutions anywhere excellence and diversity are found.


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