Cloquet Forestry Center, Department of Forestry, College of Natural Resources, University of Minnesota

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The Cloquet Forestry Center which started in 1909 as an experimental, and
demonstration forest, is administered by the University of Minnesota's College
of Natural Resources. The Center resulted from the vision and enthusiasm of
Professor Samuel B. Green, the founder and first head of the University's
forestry school. He advocated establishing a forestry field station as early as
1896. Green also felt that a forestry field station should be located in the
vicinity of an important sawmill center. The town of Cloquet at that time
easily met those requirements, but it was the opening of the land in the Fond
du Lac Indian Reservation for sale to outsiders that provided the opportunity
to establish the research forest.

The St. Louis River Mercantile Company with the understanding that while the
title to the land would go to the University, the company would retain the
timber rights paid for the initial block of 2,215 acres.

Their mission is to conduct applied education, research and outreach related to
northern forests.


[Summary provided by the University of Minnesota.]

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