EOS Training Center, University of Montana

Data Center Description
The University of Montana's EOS Training Center will support the incorporation
of EOS data into two user groups: natural resource management and K-16
education. The Natural Resource Project will allow resource managers to
incorporate NASA's EOS data into everyday management issues by providing
training on acquiring and interpreting selected EOS data. The EOS Education
Project will integrate EOS imagery into diverse K-16 education curricula to
assist teachers and their students in better understanding Earth systems.

The EOS Education Project will support pre-service and in-service teacher
development programs in the interpretation, utilization and relevancy of EOS
mission imagery. The UM-EOS Training Center will introduce a variety of
advanced solutions to foster Earth understanding to meet the global challenges
of the next millennium.

Website: http://eostc.umt.edu/

[Summary provided by the University of Montana.]

Data Center URL
URL: http://eostc.umt.edu/