Center for Atmospheric Chemistry Studies, Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island

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Atmospheric chemistry has been a strength at GSO for many years, beginning with
pioneering work in the late 1960's on trace elements in the marine environment.
The Center for Atmospheric Chemistry Studies, established in 1981, has
subsequently grown to include research on such diverse topics as atmospheric
oxidants, mechanisms by which clouds scavenge aerosols and gases, long range
atmospheric transport to marine and continental areas, deposition to oceans and
continents, Arctic haze, tracer systems for large-scale air pollution, and
atmospheric pollution of freshwaters.

The faculty and Students in CACS are part of the marine chemistry curricular
group at GSO, and their efforts are directed primarily at graduate education
and research. However, some of the faculty also participates in teaching
undergraduate courses in oceanography. Most research at CACS is funded by the
government through competitive proposals and deals with basic environmental
problems. Agencies such as NSF, EPA, NOAA, DOE, ONR, and NASA have supported
CACS researchers, as have state agencies such as DEM and private concerns such
as the Electric Power Research Institute.


[Summary provided by the University of Rhode Island.]

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