Remote Sensing and GIS Lab, Geography and Earth Resources, College of Natural Resources, Utah State University

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The Laboratory, Utah State University stems from the university's academic
program for Remote Sensing and GIS that began in 1987, a part of the department
of History and Geography. In 1988, a new Geography and Earth Resources
department was established in the College of Natural Resources. In 1990, the
National Science Foundation gave the department an Instrumentation and
Laboratory Improvement Grant to create a teaching laboratory for remote
sensing, GIS and cartography.

In 1991, a new Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory was added as part of the S.J.
and Jessie E. Quinney Natural Resources Research Library funded by the Quinney
Foundation. In October 1997 the RS/GIS Laboratory received a grant from NASA
that provided two additional teaching laboratories at nearly 1,000-sq. ft.

A further contribution from the university in 1997 helped establish the main
7,000-sq. ft. laboratory as a progressive center for application development
and research.


[Summary provided by Utah State University.]

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