Department of Geology, Saint Mary's University

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The Geology Department offers undergraduate programs leading to geology major
and honors degrees. Combined major and honors programs with other science
subjects and with geography are also available. In addition, courses in geology
are offered to students in many other programs including geography, chemistry,
anthropology and Atlantic Canada studies. The department also offers a
Cooperative Program in which the students are employed in geology-related
positions as part of their degree requirements. The department consists of five
full-time faculties, together with part-time faculty members, adjunct
professors and staff. The department participates in the Environmental Studies
program at Saint Mary's University. It also houses the Regional Geochemical
Centre which consists of X-ray Fluorescence and CNS-2000 (carbon, nitrogen,
sulphur) Analysis facilities. Research in the department is funded largely
through grants from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of
Canada and other government agencies, and through contracts with government


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