College of Forest Resources, University of Washington

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The College of Forest Resources was founded in 1907, and is a national and
international leader in teaching and research. Located in a rapidly growing
urban area in one of the world's largest forested regions, it provides unique
opportunities for field classes and research and awareness of resource issues
in urban and wild land landscapes. Students enjoy small classes and close
association with faculty, as well as the diversity and facilities of a large
research university.

The mission and vision of the College of Forest Resources is dedicated to
generating and disseminating knowledge for the stewardship of natural and
managed environments and the sustainable use of their products and services
through teaching, research and outreach. The College of Forest Resources will
provide world class, internationally recognized knowledge and leadership for
environmental and natural resource issues.

The College integrates programs through two themes: sustainable forest
enterprises, and sustainable land and ecosystem management in an urbanizing
world. The key unifying theme of sustainability brings an interdisciplinary set
of social, biological, and physical sciences and skills to bear on
understanding, managing (including restoring and preserving), and using the
products and amenities of forests, wild lands, and urban and suburban
ecosystems so that they are maintained in a healthy, productive state for
future generations.


[Summary provided by the University of Washington.]

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