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The Ministry of Education and Social Welfare as per the decision of Council of
Indian Institute of Technology, established the Ocean Engineering Center of IIT
Madras in 1977 based on the recommendation of the committee headed by Dr. Y.
Nayudamma. The Department is to act as a Center of Excellence for advancing the
frontiers of science and to provide ?Break-through Technology? as well as to
develop education and training programs in the field of Ocean Engineering.

The Department was created with the following objectives:

-To create infrastructure and expertise in order to carry out R & D work in
areas of Ocean Engineering and related fields, which have direct relevance in
the national context.

-To create educational and research opportunities at graduate and doctoral

-To extend educational facilities and train the manpower from industry, R & D
organizations and other educational institutions in order to enable them to
carry out tasks in areas of Ocean Engineering.

-To collaborate with user organizations on need based problems.


[Summary provided by the University of Berlin.]

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