School of Oceanography, University of Washington

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The School of Oceanography, part of the College of Ocean and Fisheries Sciences
at the University of Washington, explores the world and its complex ecological
systems. The School seeks to understand those processes, which shape our
oceans, by understanding a much broader set of intellectual horizons. The
School attracts a rich variety of individuals, yet builds a close community of
students and faculty. Our research and education opportunities will attract
theoreticians, problem solvers, computer specialists, field enthusiasts, and
those with a passion for learning. The School offers outstanding educational
opportunities. Approximately 75 graduate students are in residence working
within four areas of specialization (biological, chemical, physical, and marine
geology and geophysics) and on a variety of interdisciplinary topics (climate
change, extreme environments, and coastal systems. The many research activities
of the School advance our knowledge of the oceans and contribute to the
understanding of societal concerns. Sponsored research-funding averages $14
million per year.


[Summary provided by the University of Washington.]

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