Maewest, Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island

Data Center Description
The University of Rhode Island AVHRR Archive is part of the Oceanographic
Remote Sensing Laboratory (RSL) at the Graduate School of Oceanography. The
major interests of the RSL, under the direction of Dr. Peter Cornillon, are:
(1) the application of satellite data to the study of oceans.
(2) the integration of traditional physical oceanographic measurements and
data sets with satellite data.
(3) the development of image processing techniques.
(4) the application of data management techniques to large oceanographic data
(5) cataloging the availability of high resolution AVHRR imagery data from
foreign and domestic archives to create a comprehensive global inventory.
The University of Rhode (URI) has been collecting information on high
resolution AVHRR digital data from satellite data archives around the world.
The primary purpose for this effort is to document at a single site, a
comprehensive listing of high resolution AVHRR data and to provide a means for
the scientific researcher to query an inventory of these listings to determine
what data exists, which archive holds the data, and who to contact to obtain
copies of the data. Listings from satellite data centers in the US, Canada,
Europe, and Japan are currently included in the URI Inventory and effort is
underway to obtain listings from data archive centers in Australia, India,
China, South America and Africa. Though the emphasis at URI is on
oceanographic data sets, much land coverage is also included in the inventory.
Access to the the inventory is through an easy-to-use, on-line, menu-driven
interface that allows a user to search the inventory using user specified time,
area, platform, sensor, and archive criteria. In addition, to enable greater
functionality, the interface has been designed to support the creation of
user-defined, multiple-criteria data sets (i.e., combined data sets that have
different time domains, area domains and/or other user specified search
criteria) and to provide the user with the option of producing a hardcopy
listing of the inventory records selected during his/her session.
System Contact:
George Milkowski
Graduate School of Oceanography
University of Rhode Island
South Ferry Road
Narragansett, Rhode Island 02882
(401) 792-6939
Access Procedures:
Available Distribution Media:
Data are distributed on 6250-bpi tapes at nominal cost.