OASI Group/Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita di Roma TRE

Data Center Description
The activity of the OASI (Osservatorio Antartico Submillimetrico e Infrarosso) group is devoted to the study of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation anisotropies, and diffuse and point-like astronomical sources, at infrared and millimetric wavelength. The team has a long-term experience in astrophysical and cosmological observations, in designing and realization of cryogenic systems operating at 300 mK. It has been working in Antarctica since 1986. The OASI Observatory at Terra Nova Bay and the APACHE experiment at Dome C, high on the Antarctic Plateau, have been developed and operated for many years by the team. The OASI group is also involved in the development, construction and operation of the PLANCK satellite.

Data Center URL
URL: http://www.fis.uniroma3.it/it.php?page=Ricerca&argo=Astrofisica&cat=OASI&dett=