Centre for Environmental and Molecular Algal Research, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Data Center Description
CEMAR is a cooperative research unit dedicated to the investigation of macroalgal and microalgal species. Research interests cover a wide range of topics :

1. Routine monitoring of both macroalgal & phytoplankton diversity (Gary Saunders and Janice Lawrence)

2. Investigations into the systematics and evolutionary diversity of algae (Gary Saunders, Aurora Nedelcu, Charlene Mayes and Zoe Finkel)

3. Application of molecular techniques to population level diversity (Janice Lawrence, Dion Durnford, Gary Saunders, Douglas Campbell)

4. Mechanisms of environmental acclimation and population dynamics (Dion Durnford, Janice Lawrence, Thierry Chopin, Douglas Campbell and Zoe Finkel)

5. Role of algal viruses in phytoplankton population dynamics (Janice Lawrence)

6. Algal aquaculture & polyculture (Thierry Chopin)

Data Center URL
URL: http://www.unb.ca/cemar/