Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees, Universite Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III

Data Center Description
From the scientific point of view, the OMP covers a very wide range of study from the Big Bang to that of the interior of the Earth. It covers the exciting scientific questions of the origins and evolution of the universe and the planets of the solar system, evolution of our planet in full view of its current operation. These studies are addressed with expertise in physics, chemistry and biology, and in a type of observational approach, experimental, instrumental and modeling. The use of space technology is one of the strengths of the institution and its ability to maintain and develop many observation services certified by INSU.

The OMP also conducts research on critical social issues by addressing the study of the impact of the action of man on the planet (climate change, air pollution and soil evolution of the ocean , etc..), the study of natural hazards (seismic, hydrological, etc.)., major issues such as storage of acid gas CO2, H2S and storage of radioactive waste. In these areas he developed an original strategy of cooperation with laboratories SHS. The presence of the IRD allows a strong partnership with the countries of South America, Africa and India in this field.

[Summary provided by the Observatoire Midi Pyrenees]

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URL: http://www.obs-mip.fr/