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The Department of Ocean, Earth, & Atmospheric Sciences acquires and disseminates knowledge of the earth system, including the relationships among the biological, chemical, geological and physical components of our planet. It is critical that we understand both natural and human-induced processes that change this system so we are prepared to meet present and future challenges. With curiosity, creativity, scholarship, and respect as cornerstones of our philosophy, we strive to increase scientific knowledge and literacy through excellence in research, education, and service to the Commonwealth of Virginia and society in general.

The Department of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences has evolved over the past decade to have an expertise in ocean margin and coastal system processes and coupled quantitative models. In this context, the coastal system comprises all the processes, past and present, that occur within and between the air, water, soil and rock of the coastal plain, continental shelf and slope, and focus on coupled quantitative models that link chemical, biological, geological, hydrological and physical processes in numerical and analytical models at regional to global scales. Given the local environment (estuaries, aquifers, coastal waters) and human demands (commercial ports, military operations , fisheries and recreation), it is appropriate that this type of focus has evolved. While research interests remain broad to maximize opportunities, we are taking advantage of our location to develop a long-term line of research that will be recognized internationally. Similarly, our education programs utilize the local environment to provide students a unique experience in the classroom and in the field.

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