Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology

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Research activities at SEE are centrally organized by the Institute of Environmental and Energy Technology (IEET). Other research centers at POSTECH such as the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, Advanced Environmental Biotechnology Research Center, Advanced Fluids Engineering Research Center, Automation Research Center, Research Center for Catalytic Technology, and Biotechnology Research Center are closely connected with IEET. The research area is categorized into 6 divisions. The faculty members and graduate students at SEE participate in at least one of these divisions to perform cooperative research. Current research projects in progress are specified into the 6 categories below.

Atmospheric and Global Environment
? Catalytic de-NOx Technology
? Catalytic de-SOx Technology
? High Efficiency Particle Removal Technology
? CO2 Separation and Recycling Technology
? VOC Removal Technology
? Development of CFC Substitutes
Water and Waste Treatment
? Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Technology
? Drinking Water Treatment Technology
? Waste Recycling Technology
? Polluted Soil Remediation
Environmental System Engineering
? Environmentally Friendly Process Technology
? Low Fuel Combustion Technology
? Electron Beam and Plasma Treatment Technology
? Automation of Environmental Process
Environmental Conservation and Health
? Environmental Conservation Technology
? Environmental Biotechnology
? Management of Environmental Pollution
? Prediction and Assessment of Environmental Pollution
? Assessment of Environmental Toxicity
Clean Environmental Technology
? Development of Alternative Energy
? Energy Saving Technology
? Resource Recycling Technology
? Environmental Materials
Environmental Analysis and Monitoring
? Ultra-trace Pollutants Analysis
? Development of Pollutant Sensors
? Development of Environmental Analysis Technology
? Environmental Monitoring

[Summary provided by the Pohang University of Science and Technology School of Environmental Science and Engineering]

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