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Within the area of science and technique, the University of Buenos Aires has an outstanding structure made up of around 6000 researchers and scholars and over 1500 ongoing research projects financed by the University, the ANPCyT, the CONICET, and other organizations. This structure is a substantial part of the national scientific body and, as such, has a role of utmost importance in a period of growing scientific and technological demands.

The research projects which are being carried out embrace diverse areas, and the human and technical qualifications involved in their execution represent one of the most important heritages of the institution. In order to preserve and develop such qualifications, the Superior Board of the UBA has approved the scientific program UBACyT 2008-10 which will be running as from the beginning of next year and which includes three project categories: groups trained people; groups of people in training; and young researchers. The intermediate category was designed bearing two objectives in mind: ensuring the necessary upgrade of this activity so as to provide alternatives to young researchers; and allowing experienced teachers to face scientific activities within their framework. Applicants to MA's and PhD's scholarships have been summoned in order to nurture these projects with new researchers and to ensure continuity in the training of human resources.

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