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The research within the Institute encompasses the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, and informatics. The chemical studies core covers fields including physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, materials chemistry, and biochemistry. The graduate schools to which our laboratories belong cover diverse fields of science, engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, agriculture, medicine, informatics, and human/environmental studies. The labs at the graduate schools are spearheading leading-edge research, and yielding outstanding results in their own research areas. Our founding vision is to “Excel in the Investigation of Basic Principles of Chemistry and Their Applications.” This legacy continues to the present day and describes the essence of our research activities. With this vision in mind, we have entrusted our scientists to choose and pursue research topics at the forefront of advanced chemistry with bottom-up paradigms; this has resulted in substantial contributions to the development of scientific technology. Such accomplishments are proof of our vision of freedom and a bottom-up approach in chemical research. Whether or not the human race can generate sustainable growth is a key issue of the 21st century. In order to contribute to the future of our society, we encourage our scientists to be actively involved in research projects with bottom-up approach in mind, and to value the emergence of unique interdisciplinary research projects.
   The Institute is currently collaborating with domestic/oversea universities and research organizations (with 45 official international collaboration agreements) and just started to function as a Joint Usage/Research Center supported by MEXT (2010-2016). In addition, the Institute participates the MEXT Project of Integrated Research on Chemical Synthesis (2010-2016) as one of the key members of core research institutions.  The strong collaboration basis so far constructed in-house and also with outside ensures the institute to serve as the core of global research propellers in chemistry-oriented fields.

[Summary provided by the Kyoto University Institute for Chemical Research]

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