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Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul is part of the federal system of higher education, being a public benefit available to society, and consolidated by its capacity for cultural, intellectual, and scientific representation. The university has as its objective to form qualified human resources, with scientific and technological abilities, and who are committed to the exercise of citizenship. UFRGS, community of teachers, students and technical administrative staff, has as main goal higher education, and the production of philosophical, scientific, and technological knowledge, integrated with education, research and extension (Statute, Article 2, Title II). UFRGS, as public University, is the expression of a democratic and multicultural society, inspired by the ideals of freedom, respect to differences, and solidarity, constituting a necessary instance of critical conscience in which the community can reflect about their way of life, and their social, economic, and political organization (Statute, article 2, Title I). UFRGS is a centenary institution nationally and internationally recognized. It offers courses in all areas of knowledge and in all levels. Its structure is composed of organs such as high-level administrative offices, UFRGS Teaching Hospital, University Unities, Specialized Institutes, and Interdisciplinary Study Centers. The High-level Administrative Offices comprise Conselho Universitário - CONSUL (University Counsel), Conselho de Educação, Pesquisa e Extensão - CEPE (Education, Research, and Extension Counsel), Conselho de Curadores ? CONCUR (Controllers? Counsel), and Reitoria (Provost?s Office). UFRGS also has Colégio Aplicação and Escola Técnica, responsible for basic and technical education respectively.

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