Data Center Description
EUROSENSE is probably Europe's most prominent commercial remote
sensing organization. The company has one of the world's most advanced
map and image production facilities at its disposal, with a surface of
over 10.000 m2. The company has branches in Belgium, The Netherlands,
Germany, France, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and
China. EUROSENSE employs a staff of about 200 highly specialized
members. All services offered by EUROSENSE are fully integrated within
the company: aerial photography, photo interpretation, processing and
interpretation of digital satellite images, digital orthophotography,
production of photogrammetric and topographic maps, airborne
laser scanning for height measurements, GIS/LIS- and AM/FM-database
development and consultancy, city and landscape planning, inventory of
forests and natural resources, environmental studies, cartography,
hydrography, reprography and lots of other activities. In all of these
disciplines, EUROSENSE offers highly accurate and technologically
high-grade solutions.