General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems

Data Center Description
*Note: General Dynamics Corporation announced that its
acquisition of Veridian Corporation was completed on August 11,
2003. As a result, Veridian's four divisions have joined the
General Dynamics Information Systems and Technology group. The
former Veridian Engineering, Information Solutions and Systems
divisions are now part of General Dynamics Advanced Information
Systems. The former Veridian Information Technology Services
division is now part of General Dynamics Network Systems.*

General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems (GDAIS)'s diverse
customers all seek the right information at the right time,
delivered securely, to make decisions crucial to the success of
their enterprise.

As a leading provider of information-based systems, integrated
solutions and services, we specialize in mission-critical
national security programs for the national intelligence
community, the Department of Defense, and government agencies
involved in homeland security.

For more than 50 years, we have addressed the critical
information needs of our customers. Our distinctive core
capabilities can be integrated into a comprehensive set of
solutions supporting our customers' growing requirements.


[Summary provided by Veridian]