Kongsberg Satellite Services

Data Center Description
Tromso Satellite Station (TSS) is Norway's national receiving station
for data from polar orbiting satellites. TSS location is ideal for
reception of data from polar orbiting satellites. The area covered by
TSS includes the entire Arctic from West Greenland to the Russian
Taymyr peninsula, as well as the Northern part of Europe and larger
parts of Russia.

TSS has been in operation since 1967, and has dedicated its efforts
towards the operational application market, thus concentrating on near
real-time processing and distribution of satellite data. The Synthetic
Aperture Radar (SAR) instrument is of particular interest as the data
is available independent of clouds and light conditions. From 1995 TSS
is a shareholding company, partially owned by the Norwegian Space
Centre and the Swedish Space Corporation/Earth Observation Division.

The receiving capabilities cover L-band (1700 MHz), S-band (2200 MHz),
and X-band (8 GHz). The main activities at TSS include acquisition,
processing and distribution of SAR and ATSR data from the ERS-1
satellite, SAR data from the Japanese JERS-1 satellite, and data from
the NOAA satellites. TSS also operates a Local User Terminal (LUT) as
part of the COSPAS-SARSAT Search and Rescue System. In addition, TSS
also gives telemetry support to rocket launches from the Andoya Rocket

Coordinates: 69 29' N 18 56' E