Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan

Data Center Description
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Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan continues to develop SaskGIS
(geographic information system). One of the most successful initiatives in
Canada, this project combines computer, telecommunications, and satellite
technology with electronic imaging and geographic data bases. It helps all
sectors improve integrated management of Saskatchewan's people, land, and
infrastructure resources.

Working with the private-sector and government users alike, SaskGeomatics is
developing a cost-recovery system that meets multiple user needs, creates jobs
and gives businesses expertise that is marketable internationally - at a cost
to taxpayers that is less than half the level of other provinces.

Customers include rural and urban municipalities, resource industries, utility
crowns, land owners and developers, the general public, provincial departments,
and federal agencies.

Maintains and administers the primary legal survey system of the province, and
procures legal surveys for departments.

- Provincial Legal Survey Standards
- Distribute Legal Survey Information
- Resolution of Legal Survey Problems
- Controller of Surveys Responsibility
- Legal Survey Services to Departments

Geodetic Surveys Branch:

Administers the geodetic survey system in Saskatchewan, and provides data and
advice to users in all sectors.
- Provincial Control Survey Standards
- Distribute Control Survey Data
- Conversion to NAD83
- Provision of Technical Expertise in Satellite positioning (GPS)
- Coordination with Federal Geodetic Surveys

Mapping Branch:
Maintains a basic series of property, topographic, and thematic maps in both
hard copy and in digital form, provides mapping services to departments on a
custom-work basis.

- Provincial Mapping Standards
- Generation of Digital Cadastral Mapping
- Coordinate Generation of Digital Topographic Mapping with Federal Government
- Design and Generation of Custom Mapping for Departments
- Maintain Provincial Hardcopy Map Series
- Maintain Provincial Photomap Series

GIS Centre:

Co-ordinates provincial GIS implementation and optimizes collaboration and

- Coordinate Implementation of GIS within Saskatchewan Government and all
Other Economic Sectors
- Provincial GIS Strategic Plan
- Land Information Users Committee (LIUC)
- Advisory Services and Joint Projects With Users
- Market SaskGIS Products and Services
- Generate Revenues

Data Management Branch:

Develops and maintains the primary geographic database management system,
operates a map, airphoto and data distribution facility.

- Saskatchewan Geomatics Standards Committee
- Provincial GIS Standards
- Distribute Digital and Hardcopy Maps and GIS Data
- Maintain SaskGeomatic's Computer Systems
- Develop GIS Interface
- Develop Permanent Provincial Identifier (PPID)
- Design Data Models for GIS Data
- Represent Saskatchewan on National Standards Committees