Desktop Mapping Technologies Inc.

Data Center Description

To be the premiere provider of spatially enabled data worldwide, supporting
mission critical business solutions for our valued customers, through world
class products and superb customer service. DMTI Spatialis the Really Smart
Spatial Solutions company that enables users to understand their customers,
optimize resources, realize opportunities, maximize profitability and make
informed decisions through accurate products and innovative thinking.

DMTI Spatial is a member of the ESRI Canada Business Partner Program, winner
of 2001 ESRI Worldwide New Partner of the Year, and Markham Board of Trade
award for Entrepreneurship; Innovation.

Publisher of precision built street map and routing data (CanMap) and
innovative geocoding software (GeoPinpoint^Ù). In addition, DMTI Spatial
publishes a full range of accurate geo-spatial data products including:
30 and 90m Clutter and DEMs, census data, postal geography, topographic maps,
and marketing databases.