Canadax Industrial Group Limited

Data Center Description
Canadax Industrial Group Limited is a Canadian business development
firm that provides the strategic support services required to assist
its clients in generating international business. Depending on the
clients' needs, our staff act as management consultants, joint venture
partners, agents or brokers. The company specializes in IFI projects
and joint ventures.

The firm specializes in the ocean, high technology and engineering
sectors. In the oceans sector our services relate to fisheries, ship
and boat building, environment, oceanography, coastal and ocean
engineering, remote sensing and marine surveillance. In the high
technology areas our services relate to avionic systems integration,
computer hardware, and software development. In the engineering
sector, we have experience with energy developments, port and harbour
improvements, offshore oil and gas projects, automotive projects and
corporate and commerical aircraft brokerage.

In addition to its offices in Halifax and Washington, Canadax has
associate offices in 5 major cities in the P.R. China, including Hong
Kong, and has a network of agents operating in Peru, Venezuela,
Turkey, India, Japan and Thailand.