WorldSat International Inc.

Data Center Description
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WorldSat's primary goal is in the reproduction of geographically accurate,
naturally coloured, satellite and airborne imagery of the Earth and selected
sites or regions therein.

WorldSat serves the consumer market with the production of prints and
publications, in both printed and CD-ROM format. WorldSat also serves the
industrial market, providing images for use in advertising, multi-media
productions, murals and custom products. In resource management applications
WorldSat provides natural colour imagery, georeferenced as backdrops to the
more scientific uses of satellite data or traditional mapping applications.

WorldSat International Inc. is a leader in the field of cloud-free satellite
image processing and is recognized for its spectacular creations of satellite
images of Earth, scenes of countries and continents and high resolution
detailed city views. WorldSat's series of the Earth and Six-Continents
prints are complimented by their newly published Cartographic Satellite
Atlas of the World in printed form, as well as the 3D Atlas of the World
CD-ROM, which literally puts cloud-free images of the whole world at your

WorldSat's Earth and Continent products are based on NOAA's 1km AVHRR data.
This imagery is co-registered to 1,000 meter digital elevation data, used to
create shaded relief, as well as ocean bathymetry, providing underwater
topography of our oceans and major seas.

More localized imagery (countries, regions and cities) are based on higher
resolution Resurs, SPOT, Landsat, IRS and merged SPOT/Landsat TM or IRS data.