Dekker Remote Sensing Corporation

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Dekker Remote Sensing Corporation (DRSC) is a remote sensing company specializing in advising oil and gas companies on the best and most economic solutions for their specific geological problems. In most cases, this will relate to exploration and production geology, but it may also involve pipeline corridors and other production facilities.

This involves:
-the design of remote sensing programs tailored to the problem at hand,
-acquisition of any data needed,
-project management,
-interpretation of data from a wide range of remote sensing tools,

DRSC operates all over the world and has completed dozens of projects internationally. Dr. Fons Dekker is an exploration geologist by training with over 25 years of geological experience worldwide.

DRSC specializes in RADARSAT imagery but also deals with Landsat and SPOT.

As an independant company, DRSC can offer an unbiased opinion on applicability, quality and cost-effectiveness of various remote sensing products on the market.

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