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Aero-Metric, Inc. is a privately held corporation with offices strategically located throughout the United States:

• Anchorage - ALASKA
• Fort Collins - COLORADO
• Minneapolis - MINNESOTA
• Kansas City - MISSOURI
• Albuquerque - NEW MEXICO
• Dulles - VIRGINIA
• Virginia Beach - VIRGINIA
• Seattle - WASHINGTON
• Sheboygan - WISCONSIN (Headquarters)

The Aero-Metric family is a major provider of professional geospatial services. From data acquired using land, airborne and satellite sensors, we define the earth's topographic shape, identify and measure its natural and man-made features, and chronicle its condition. A diverse and growing mix of clients increasingly rely on our timely and reliable geospatial information for feasibility studies, natural resource evaluation, engineering design and construction, temporal change detection and assessment, environmental monitoring, and numerous related applications throughout the domains of science and technology. Aero-Metric is committed to providing quality services to our clients every time, conforming to agreed-upon specifications. Our highly trained staff utilizes the latest technology in a professional atmosphere.

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