CRC Press

Data Center Description
Founded as the Chemical Rubber Company, CRC originally
manufactured and distributed laboratory supplies for
chemists. It first distributed its Handbook of Chemistry and
Physics free as a bonus incentive to customers who purchased a
rubber apron, one of the company?s signature items. In 1913, the
first edition of the ?Rubber Handbook? had 116 pages. The
electron had been known for only 17 years and the Bohr theory of
the hydrogen atom was still in press. Eighty-four editions
later, the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics remains the
definitive reference for chemists, physicists, and engineers
throughout the world. Ninety years later, CRC Press is a
preeminent publisher in life science, medicine, pharmaceutical
science, food science, environmental science, forensic science,
engineering, business, technology, mathematics, and statistics.

Today, CRC Press provides academicians and researchers with
immediate access to information through a myriad of electronic
products. With CD-ROM versions of our most popular resources,
users enjoy customized data and convenient and extensive search
capabilities. CRCnetBASE, our collection of online databases,
provides a portal to an ever-growing supply of
information. Every month, we add new resources to each netBASE
to provide up-to-date, comprehensive information. Following the
success of ENGnetBASE, CHEMnetBASE, ATSDR Online, and
ENVIROnetBASE, expect to see more excellent online collections,
including POLYMERSnetBASE, VisualMEDICINEnetBASE, and


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