Imagerie STereo Appliquee au Relief, EADS

Data Center Description
In 1999, ISTAR became a subsidiary of the EADS Group, the second
largest worldwide Aeronautics, Defense and Space company whose
holdings include among others, AIRBUS and Astrium. Our
reputation as a leading supplier of digital mapping databases
comes from substantial knowledge accumulated from over 14 years
of research in remote sensing and high resolution image
processing, and adapting these technologies to suit a variety of
industry applications.

Riding on constant progress in satellite and airborne
technology, we provide outstanding mapping products that combine
global coverage with optimal quality. These geographic
components will be used as core layers for a growing range of
GIS applications to optimize any industry project (environment,
defense, telecom, navigation, urban planning, etc).

Our group of industry experts understand your mapping needs and
can supply extremely accurate high resolution databases and maps
with unbelievably rapid delivery. Think of us as your all in one
mapping company that is setting the standards for future GIS


[Summary provided by ISTAR]