Spatial Ecology

Data Center Description
The primary service offered is that of programming customized spatial analyses and tools. There are a great number of analyses that cannot be conveniently performed with out-of-the-box software, and I specialize in creating software solutions to make such analyses possible.

It is invariably more cost efficient to contract the development of a customized tool than it is to employ a GIS or remote sensing technician to do these things manually (if it is possible to do them manually at all). The benefit of a software solution is that it can be conveniently repeated, and that the analysis (which often involves numerous intermediate stages) is consistent, streamlined, documented, fast, and easily adapted or modified.

Furthermore, many spatial analyses take a great deal of time to run (thousands of hours is not unusual). The only efficient way of completing that processing in as short a time as possible is to write software that handles every aspect of the analysis, thereby keeping a processor working on the analysis 24 hours a day (in contrast to manual work which involves a great deal of processor inactivity).

Software solutions come in a wide variety of flavors - there is no single best solution for all applications. I prefer to develop solutions for ArcMap on the Windows platform using Visual Studio, but am also able to supply solutions for other platforms (Arc/Info AML for UNIX/PC, Avenue for ArcView 3.2, stand alone products, spatial data and database web interfaces, etc).

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