Empresa Brasiliera de Pesquisa Agropecuaria, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation

Data Center Description
From the very beginning, on April 26, 1973, Embrapa has
generated and recommended more than nine thousand technologies
for Brazilian agriculture, reduced production costs and helped
Brazil to increase the offer of food while, at the same time,
conserving natural resources and the environment and diminishing
external dependence on technologies, basic products and genetic

Networking through 37 Research Centers, 3 Service Centers and 11
Central Divisions, Embrapa is present in almost all the states
of the Union, each with its own ecological conditions. There are
8,619 employees in Embrapa, of which 2,221 are researchers, 45%
with master's degrees and 53% with doctoral degrees. Embrapa
coordinates the National Agricultural Research System, which
includes most public and private entities involved in
agricultural research in the country.

Embrapa maintains projects in International Cooperation in order
to perfect knowledge of technical and scientific activities or
to share knowledge and technology with other countries.

Website: http://www.sede.embrapa.br/

[Summary provided by Embrapa]