GeoLytics, Inc.

Data Center Description
Since 1996 GeoLytics has published detailed demographic and
geographic data on CD-ROM for business, academic, non-profit,
and government markets.

Several thousand GeoLytics customers work in many environments,
including libraries, real estate, insurance, banking,
telecommunications, healthcare, media, and retail firms; in
state, local, and Federal government; and in hundreds of
colleges and universities across the country.

GeoLytics specializes in compressing large amounts of government
data, and packaging it with innovative and easy-to-use
software. GeoLytics delivers the highest performance/cost ratio
for datasets including demographic data, TIGER cartographic
files, Estimates, Projections and the Consumer Expenditure

GeoLytics is the leading provider of public domain mapping and
demographic data in the US.


[Summary provided by GeoLytics, Inc.]