Innovative Decision Technologies, Inc.

Data Center Description
Mission: Deliver business benefits to our clients through web
based innovative decision technologies

B2B/e-Commerce Strategy and Software Development

Enable businesses to use the internet to significantly improve:

-Internal business processes by reducing cost and lead time
-Collaboration processes with customers, suppliers and partners
-Product reach and customer service, thereby enhancing revenue

Supply Chain Analysis, Management and Planning

-Supply Chain Opportunity Assessment. indent has developed
methodology and tools for identifying and prioritizing supply
chain opportunities based on rigorous cost-benefit analysis

-Design and implementation of processes, technology,
organization and performance measures to support an effective
supply chain.

-cxPlanning and implementation of supply chain planning systems
like i2 Technologies, Chesapeake Decision Systems.

BEA WebLogic Prof. Services Business Partner

-INDENT has a strong team of Java certified employees developing
web applications.

-Enterprise Java Beans, Servlets and JSP to build collaboration

-WebLogic's Commerce Server

-Fast track implementation methodology for developing solutions
with focus on templates, tools, techniques for separating
presentation, data and business logic, and eliminating the
servlet/mid-tier. The methodology facilitates parallel
development of presentation (HTML, JSP, XSL), database (SQL,
procedures) and business logic (EJB).


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