Science Applications International Corporation

Data Center Description
SAIC is a key source for leading-edge technologies that will
carry our clients into the 21st century and beyond. We help
clients respond faster to opportunities, achieve more from their
operations, exceed their mission requirements, and meet the
competition head-on.

Our information systems and technology solutions are helping
speed and improve service delivery and giving decision makers
better information to make decisions. Our next generation
networks are helping clients create new markets in converged
voice, video, and data services. Our e-business solutions are
creating unprecedented collaboration and efficiency throughout
complex value chains. Our wireless solutions are opening up new
communications with remote areas faster and better than ever
before. SAIC is also a portal to advanced technologies. We
provide access to the latest technologies developed by a host of
organizations worldwide, including our own world-class research
organizations. We bring more than three decades of experience
making new technologies succeed in real-world, real-time


[Summary provided by Science Applications International Corporation]