The Climate Source, Inc.

Data Center Description
The Climate Source Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality
spatial climate data sets to GIS users around the world.

Founded in Corvallis, Oregon, in September, 2000, it entered
into exclusive licensing arrangement with The Spatial Climate
Analysis Service (SCAS) at Oregon State University to market and
sell spatial climate data products.

Our team brings over 110 years' experience in spatial analysis,
climatology, media, accounting, and education; and a strong
understanding of the digital environment and customer needs.

The SCAS has been involved in spatial climate research and
applications for over a decade. It is the only institute in the
world devoted solely to the spatial analysis of climate. The end
results of its research are high quality spatial data sets
unsurpassed in breadth and quality. The SCAS works with private
organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies
in the US, Canada, Asia, Europe, and South America.


[Summary provided by The Climate Source Inc.]