Satellitbild, Swedish Space Corporation

Data Center Description
SSC Satellitbild is a subsidiary of the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC). The
Swedish Space Corporation is responsible for implementation of the Swedish
space program. Satellitbild is mainly owned by SSC with a minor participation
of the French Space Agency CNES and of SPOT Image.
Satellitbild operates a complete and integrated product line for digital and
photographical remote sensing satellite data products.
The production facilities are designed for high volume production with short
turn-around times and consistent high quality.
Worldwide marketing and sales are carried out by our sales representatives and
through distributors and agents.
Sweden is a part-owner of the SPOT satellite system. Satellitbild operates one
of the two main ground stations in this global system. More than 700 000
SPOT Images (over 100 000 per year) from all parts of the world are archived.
Approximately 3000 scenes per year are processed and equally many films
produced. Satellitbild can on a priority basis registrate images from any part
of the world.
Satellitbild is situated in Kiruna in the far north of Sweden. The facilities
are located in the Space Building ('Rymdhuset') in the central part of the tow
Sales are handles from Kiruna and an office in Solna situated in the Stockholm
Acquisition and recording of SPOT is done at the SSC facility Esrange, 45 km
northeast of Kiruna. Data is transported to SSC Satellitbild for archiving
and preprocessing and value added production.
The different processing levels include various radiometric and geometric
corrections, precision correction using ground control points, with or without
digital terrain model, and output in any standard map projection.
Data from other satellites such as Landsat or Japanese MOS can also be
received, processed and filed through Satellitbild. Landsat data
availability is guaranteed through the part-owned consortium EURIMAGE
and through agreements with ESA.
The sales program is mainly based on SPOT and Landsat data, including products
such as:
- Precision Corrected Satellite Imagery
- Satellite Image Maps
- Sensor Composite Satellite Image Maps
- Digital Terrain Models
- Satellite Orthophotos
- Forest Interpretation Maps
The SPOT data acquisition chain include the CRIS system for preprocessing and
standard production of SPOT data. The processing systems are mainly based
on VAX and SUN stations and Teragon 4000 by Teragon Systems AB.
The FIRE 240 film recorder is used for production of high quality photographic
films. The application software is mainly based on a mix of STX (precision
correction), System 600 by I2S, MIMA by SSC and inhouse developed additions to
above mentioned systems. In addition the ARC/INFO system by ESRI and ERDAS
systems are used for application purposes.
The SPOT catalogue systems used are:
- SPOTinfo, VAX-based catalogue containing descriptive data, such as information
on cloud coverage.
- CATEYE, PC-based catalogue containing digital image data and descriptive data.
System Contact:
Customer Services
SSC Satellitbild
P. O. Box 816
S-981 28 KIRUNA, Sweden
Office, Rymdhuset
Phone: +46 980 12140
Fax : +46 980 16044
Available Distribution Media:
The data is produced as digital data or as a variety of photographic products.
format, is imagery map sheet format.
The most common digital distribution media is magnetic tape, density 1600 or
6250 bpi. The production system is able to read and produce all of the most
frequently used formats for satellite imagery, i.e. CRIS-format, SPOT IMAGE-
format, LTWG-formats, FAST-format, ERDAS-format, etc.
For input to ARC/INFO GIS system, the GISIMAGE format is available. GISIMAGE
is an ERDAS image format delivered on 1/4 inch cassettes or CCTs for input on
both SUN and VAX stations. The GISIMAGE is ideal as a background image for
integrated raster/vector updating of map information.