Global Oscillation Network Group, National Solar Observatory

Data Center Description
The GONG Data Management and Analysis Center
The Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG) Data Management and Analysis
Center (DMAC) reduces, stores, and distributes the data produced by the GONG
project and supports the GONG community's access to and use of the data
products. The DMAC is located at the National Solar Observatory (NSO)
in Tucson.

Additional information about the GONG project and descriptions of the project
datasets can be found under the dataset search option from the main
Master Directory menu.
For further information regarding the datacenter and its access contact:
James A. Pintar Email: INTERNET>
National Solar Observatory SPAN> noao::pintar
P.O. Box 26732 SOLAR>
Tucson, AZ 85726-6732 Phone: 602-325-9272
Network Access to Data
The datacenter is connected to the internet and SPAN networks and has data
on-line. The method of access is as follows.
Via WWW:

The information provided on magnetic disks is readable
via SPAN at NOAO::GA0:[FTP.GONG] or 5355::GA0:[FTP.GONG]
or via internet at or
with FTP LOGIN: anonymous and FTP PASSWORD: your e-mail address
James A. Pintar and the GONG Data Team, 'The GONG Data Reduction and
Analysis System,' Proc. Symp. Seismology of the Sun and Sun-like
Stars, Tenerife, Spain, 26-30 September 1988, ESA SP-286 (December 1988)