Geographic Information Systems International Group

Data Center Description
Geographical Information System International Group (GISIG) was
constituted in 1992 and is a sectoral non-profit making Association on
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) grouping about 100
Organisations from more than 20 European countries.

They are organisations working on territorial subjects and research
institutions which guarantee interdisciplinary experiences, both on
GIS as technological tools and on their sectoral applications (urban
and territorial planning, agriculture, transports, environment, etc.).

GISIG aims at realising the co-operation among GIS operators through
the promotion and development of joint European projects (in the field
of education and training, research and development, as well as
regional development policies).

Such projects are mainly devoted to the technology transfer towards
SMEs and Local Public Authorities, and to the exchange of experiences
at European level, also promoting the international cooperation with
particular emphasis towards the Central and Eastern European


[Summary provided by GISIG.]