The Institute for Bird Populations

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The Institute for Bird Populations (IBP) is a California nonprofit
corporation dedicated to fostering a global approach to research and
the dissemination of information on changes in the abundance,
distribution, and ecology of bird populations.

Goals Include:

1. Develop, facilitate, coordinate, and conduct scientific research
and standardized monitoring of birds and their environments. The
Institute focuses especially on programs that can be applied on a
global scale, can provide for the long-term monitoring of avian vital
rates and population trends, can help identify causes of avian
population change, and can aid in formulating management actions to
reverse population declines and maintain stable or increasing

2. Educate and train individuals, organizations, and agencies, here
and abroad, in avian research and monitoring methods that can
elucidate the ecological effects of environmental change and can lead
to scientifically defensible strategies for avian and ecosystem

3. Serve as a global forum for disseminating information on regional
and global changes in the abundance, distribution, and ecology of
birds, and the causes of such changes. The Institute presents its
findings in scientific and lay publications, and publishes Bird
Populations, a scientific journal of global avian demography and


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